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Civil Registered Marriage Celebrant

Congratulations for planning your dream wedding ceremony. Marriage is an act by which a man and a woman take each other for husband and wife according to the law. Marriage is a preeminent celebrations of one’s life. You must celebrate it with a great fashion. Choosing a Civil Registered Marriage Celebrant that suits your taste for your special day is very important. You need someone who can guide you through the right and necessary process of getting married. 

My name is Acharya Prem Bhatt, a Hindu Priest from India and presently dwelling in Melbourne. I am a Civil Registered Marriage Celebrant authorized by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

I perform ceremonies that are very special due to their immaculate attention to details. You may choose to have

    • a traditional or a non-traditional marriage,
    • a Hindu religious marriage or a humanist non-religious ceremony,
    • a large wedding or a small wedding or something in between,
    • an epic celebration or a short-n-sweet ceremony,

I am here to guide you construct your own wedding ceremony of your taste, beliefs and needs. Being a Hindu Priest, my expertise is in performing traditional Hindu marriages with all rituals of seven steps and vows in presence of holy fire. I also perform authentic high quality Puja, Paath, Jaap, Katha and Vedic Astrology Puja

My heart and mind are open to you and your ideas and ideals. As a civil registered marriage celebrant, I will listen to you and get to know you to make your special day stress-free and as full-filled as possible. To help you plan your wedding, I would love to meet you and your fiancee and will travel to your home (for a small fee) to unveil what you wish for your wedding.

I have an excellent presentation Hindu marriage style and have conducted thousands of wedding ceremonies in all the major cities of Australia, especially in Melbourne and nearby places. Location of your ceremony is your choice and I will be definitely there to perform my job because I love working with people and make their special moments of life special.

If you think I am the right civil registered marriage celebrant for you, please contact me and we can discuss everything in detail to organize a perfect ceremony.

Civil Registered Marriage Celebrant

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