India is a country which has religionised almost every aspect of life, so has the business and property avenues also been sanctified by professionally trained priests. Our ancestors have formulated the way to receive blessings from the Supreme for the business and the property we own. Acharya Prem Bhatt, who is one such trained Hindu Priest from India in Melbourne, is well grounded in Hindu rituals and performs perfectly all the karmakanda prescribed by Hindu scriptures.

Pandit Ji performs various business and property pujas’, some of the prominent one’s are:

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Bhumi Puja

In Sanskrit, earth is called Bhoomi. It is personified in Hindu religion. Bhoomi Puja is a ritual performed by trained priest who seeks for forgiveness for the Jajman from Mother Earth, as construction would kill and harm the other beings already residing. There are various hymns and mantras described in Veda to neutralize the ill effects and bad repercussions by disturbing the equilibrium maintained by Mother Earth. Acharya Prem Bhatt, performs these rituals with perfection.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Grih Pravesh Puja

Grih Pravesh is a ritual that is performed when one enters the new house for the first time. Once when the house is ready to dwell, family or the person moves in on an auspicious day. There are two things to be considered during the Grih Pravesh one panchang (almanac) and other being muhurt (auspicious time). Both of these are given by a priest.

There are 3 types of Grih Pravesh as described by our scriptures.

  1. Apoorva: When a family first enters newly constructed house on a newly purchased land, then it is called apoorva grih pravesh.
  2. Sapoorva: When a family enters in an already existing house after migrating to abroad or any other city apart from where he is born, then it is called sapoorva grih pravesh
  3. Dwandwah: When a family enters into a house after reconstructing or renovating from a natural disaster like flood, fire, earthquake, then it is termed as dwandwah grih pravesh.

In all these types of Girh Pravesh, auspicious time and date is a must.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Shop Puja

Since time immemorial business has been an integral part of human society. Hindu culture believes in sanctifying business through various Vedic Hymns. Broadly considering there are two aspects of business:

  1. New Business: When a new business is launched, that needs to be started in an auspicious day and time. Simultaneously, all the evil and ill effects on the setup needs to be guarded from. These requirements are perfectly performed by Hindu priest Acharya Prem in Melbourne.
  2. Existing Business: A running business accumulates various negative and ill effects from their competitors and other sources as well. These need to be withered out on a regular basis, else it can bring financial loss to the owner.

Hindu priest Acharya Prem Bhatt is an authorized Hindu priest who performs these rituals with perfection, as a result his Jajman’s are benefited immensely.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

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