Yagya & Havan, in Hinduism, are considered as a sacred ritual which are performed by sacrificing to the fire god ‘Agni’. This ritual is organized to please the gods. Various oblations are offered to the ‘Agni’, pleasing Him this way, Jajman earns blessings, happiness, prosperity from the deity.

Yagya & Havan also revitalizes body and mind thereby bringing positive energy into our lives. These rituals also bring equilibrium to Kapha, Pitta and Vatta, thereby yielding immeasurable physical benefits as well.

Yagya & Havan bring the following benefits on ones life:

  1. Invoke grace of god
  2. Invoke mystical and spiritual experiences
  3. Awaken auspicious and divine energy
  4. Cleanse physical, mental and spiritual bodies
  5. Purify environment

Vedic Astrology Kundali Matching Kundali Reading Kundali Preperation Havan Yagya by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem in Melbourne Hindu Priest Services

Hindu Priest, Acharya Prem Bhatt performs various Yagya & Havan some of which are as follows:

  1. Arya Samaj Havan
  2. Devi Havan
  3. Rudra Yagya
  4. Rudrabhishek
  5. Sudarshan Yagya
  6. Vishnu Yagya and so on…

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