Akand Ramayan Paath Durga Saptsati Paath Sundarkand Paath Sapt Chandi Paath by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt in Melbourne

Paath has been age old method of religious storytelling in India. This cultural heritage is still promptly brought forward and maintained by eminent Hindu Priests of present day. This includes varied number of stories being lively depicted by the Kathavachak from the Hindu scriptures. Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt performes various types of Paaths, Puja, Katha, Hawan and other Indian and Hindu rituals depending upon the need and requirement of the Yajman.

Following are some of the famous Paaths that he performs:

Akhand Ramayan Paath:

Ramayan, also famously known as Shri Ram Charit Manas is an epic written by poet sage Goswami Tulsidas, which speaks about the Lord Rama. Lord Rama is considered as a perfect embodiment of morality, ideal human being and ultimate Truth.

Recitation of Ramayana, Akhand Ramayan Paath is considered highly auspicious. It is known to destroy all evils, negative energies and obstacles in the life of Yajman. In order to get the full benefits of this ritual, the epic has to be recited continuously for 24 hours. This opens up the fountain of happiness, peace and prosperity. Hindu priest Acharya Prem Bhatt from Melbourne, performs this with purity and authenticity as prescribed by Hindu Priests of yore. Acharya professes to perform this while opening a new shop or store, starting a new business, entering a new house or birth of a child. Thus, Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt recommends this ritual for anything and everything auspicious in one’s life.

Akand Ramayan Paath by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt in Melbourne

Durga Saptshati Paath:

Durga Saptshati is also acknowledged as Devi Mahatmya or Chandi Paath. Durga Saptshati is an epic of 700 verses arranged in 13 chapters which describes the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.

Recitation of Durga Saptshati when done in Navaratri celebrations, protects individuals and their family members from evil and miseries by destroying the negative forces like anger, lust, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, ego and greed. Goddess manifests her power and positive energies within an individual to face the demonic negativity within and without. It is highly prescribed for person suffering from black magic and Bhoomi Dosha.

Durga Saptshati Paath by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt in Melbourne

Sunderkand Paath:

Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of the great epic Shri Ram Charit Manas, also known as Ramanaya. This chapter is predominantly devoted to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is said to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva and an ardent devotee of Shri Rama.

Acharya Prem Bhatt, an erudite Hindu scholar believes that recitation of Sunderkand chapter saves life of a person from negative energies, evil karmas, bad omens, accidents, ill health, life threats & dangers. Moreover, person is blessed with health, wealth, peace, happiness and prosperity. Hindu priest Acharya Prem Bhatt advises this ritual to be performed with complete faith and dedication.

Sundarkand Paath by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt in Melbourne

Sath Chandi Paath:

Durga sath chandi paath is the compilation of 700 verses, which extols the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura. Chandi paath is a part of Markandeya Purana, which was compiled by Rishi Markandeya. This scripture consists of 13 chapters. This ritual is followed by Chandi Havan or Yagya. There are 700 oblations done to invoke the benefits from Goddess Durga. This is considered an important ritual to conquer all the evils and to gain health and vitality. It is one of the most powerful ritual in Hinduism.

Chandi paath needs to be done with utmost care and with perfection. Hindu priest Acharya Prem Bhatt who is an adept in Hindu rituals, performs this paath with purity.

Sapt Chandi Paath by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt in Melbourne

Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt especially preforms these Paaths and chants with proper pronunciation and single-pointed concentration with pure heart and mind.

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