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Vedic Astrology or say Jyotish Vidya is completely different from Western Tropical Astrology. Devised by the Greeks and the Babylonians, western tropical astrology utilizes the Tropical Zodiacs and measures the relationships of the Sun and the Earth’s tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. It is all about the sun. Whereas, Vedic Astrology practised since Vedic times utilises the Sidereal or Stellar Zodiac or say Nakshatra and is based upon the constellation of stars as well as planetary periods in the solar system. Vedic Astrology is the science of the effects of planetary movements on our lives. Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known, astrologers can construct charts representing these positions. And using his knowledge, the astrologer can study the charts and can make a wide range of conclusions about the moment the chart was cast for. Primarily, astrology is used to understand one’s self, and our Karma for this life.

Vedic Astrology Kundali Matching Kundali Reading Kundali Preperation by Hindu Priest Acharya Prem in Melbourne Hindu Priest Services
Vedic Astrological Remedies

Human life is brim full of good and bad experiences in life, which to certain extent, are result to our planetary positions such as:

  • A girl, though beautiful and educated has Manglik Dosh and her marriage is delayed or facing problems in her married life.
  • Someone though brilliant and talented, due to Kaal Sarpa Dosha, is facing problems in his career, getting defamed in society, always remain in debts and financial crisis.
  • People suffering from ‘Arishta’ and ‘Anishtha’ yoga face health conditions.

Due to past birth Karmas as well as existing life’s Karmas, we face many such problems in life. Thus, Vedic astrological remedies overpower the malefic and bad effects of the planetary positions and ill effects of Karmas in life. The Vedic Astrological remedies can be classified as:

  • Yagya and Puja: It bestows blessing of God and your ‘Ishta Devta’ to get relief from bad effects of Navgraha – planetary positions.
  • Donations: The easiest way to lessen bad effects of planets is to make donations that would please the malefic planets and redeem you from its effect.
  • Fasting: As per planetary positions and their effects, fasting on specific days along with chanting mantras with rosary or Rudraksha Mala removes the ill effect of the planet. It is recommended to combine this process of fasting with other remedies also.
  • Yantras: They act as a shield – Kavach against the ill impacts of planets. Prepared under the guidance of erudite astrologer, it will work efficiently, or else it may have side effects.
  • Gems: Gems also ward off the evil effects of planets and rather, increases the positive results and benefits of the planet. Each planet is have a respective a gemstone to represent.

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Gand Mool Shanti Puja

Gand Mool Dosh is a very common imperfection found in an individual’s horoscope that can cause horrendous troubles and problems in life like:

  • Attitude issue in childhood,
  • Health conditions,
  • Siblings facing health issues,
  • Affects lives of parents and relatives too.

Gand Moola Dosha Shanti Puja is performed if an individual is born under the influence of 6 inauspicious Nakshatra (known as Mool Nakshatra) which are:

  • Ashwini
  • Ashlesha
  • Magha
  • Jyeshtha
  • Mool
  • Revati

Puja is performed to pacify the respective God ruling your birth Nakshatra and to reduce its ill effects. Normally, the Puja is performed on the 27th day after birth. If not done then, it is highly recommended to get it done as soon as possible under the guidance of an expert Hindu Priest like Acharya Prem Bhatt.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Kundali Matching for Marriage

Kundali Matching, also known as Horoscope Matching is used since ages for matching the Gunas of the going to be married couples and advice the chances of the success of marriage. More the points i.e. Gunas, more is the chance of success of the marriage. The maximum number of Gunas – points matching is 36 and minimum it should be 18. Not only this, after getting the initial idea of compatibility of the score card of the horoscope, the experts Jyotish like Acharya Pandit Prem Bhatt can understand the details of the Kundali matching and analyse the horoscope matching report. On analysing, the Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt offers the solution for the incompatible factors between the couple. This would help the couple to work on their marriage in future. This is reason why the divorce rate in India has always been minimal. Be it arranged marriage or the love one, one must carve your future to perfection by matching the Kundali and follow some remedies to calm the individual’s afflicted stars. After marriage, you and your spouse has a combined effect in your stars and planets. So it is advisable to marry the most compatible one. Apart from compatibility, Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt is expert in identifying the ‘Mangalik Dosha’. There are 6 major aspects considered which are:

  • longevity,
  • psychological compatibility,
  • child birth,
  • health,
  • separate tendencies and
  • financial stability.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Kundali Reading and Preparation

Kundali or say Horoscope reading as well as its preparation is based upon certain inputs to accuracy like:

  • date, month & year of birth,
  • time of birth
  • place of birth

Wrong details given for calculations will result in faulty birth charts and horoscope which will result in wrong interpretation and predictions. After generating the Janam Kundali – Birth Chart, we check the degree of ascendant or Lagnas as well as planets or say Grahas. Planets with 0 to 29 degrees is considered on the boundary of two zodiac signs affecting its power. Ascendants on 0 to 29 degrees along with the study of zodiac sign determines the characteristics of the person. Moreover, power of Moon is studied and is compared to how many houses apart from Sun. it is followed by study of retrograde – Vakriya, the combust – Aast, the exalted – Uccha, debilitated – Neecha of the planets and which planet is holding the power i.e. Dikbali. It followed by paying attention ot Mahadashas and Anterdashas of planet.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

An individual suffers from Kaal Sarp Dosh or say, Kaal Sarp Yoga when in the horoscope, all the seven planets namely Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are placed in between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is considered the serpent’s head and Ketu is serpent’s tail. Between serpent’s head and tail, all the seven planets lose all their good impact to an extent that person

  • becomes very unlucky,
  • has delayed or bad married life,
  • has no children,
  • is dissatisfied from job or business
  • faces lot of obstacles in professional life
  • suffers from diseases

Remedy is to go for Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja and redeem of such ill effects. You can also talk to the Hindu Priest Acharya Prem Bhatt for:

  • Rudra Abhishek Puja along with Lord Ganapathi and Lord Shiv Puja.
  • Naag Dosh Nivaran Puja
  • Chanting Rahu and Ketu Mantra for 108 times a day.

Rahu Mantra is “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhrum Sah Rahve Namah”. Ketu mantra is “Om Straam Streem Strom sah Ketve Namah”

  • Offering sugar or jaggery stuffed fried Chapatti to crows every day morning.
  • Offering food to dogs.
  • Donating dull brown colored items & service to elderly people and saints.
  • Donating certain commodities recommended for pacification of Rahu on Saturday. Those commodities can be blue and brown coloured cloth, wheat, mirror, til (sesame seeds), oil, iron, blanket etc.
  • Immersion of raw coal (kacha koyala) in the river if facing a lot of difficulties and obstacles.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Mangal Dosha Puja

In Vedic Astrology, Mangal Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in any one of 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12 houses, in the Horoscope and the rising sign or the ascendant is observed in the first house. Mangal dosha is also called as Kuja dosha or Bhauma dosha. It causes delays and obstacles in:

  • Marriage
  • Career
  • Business

It is the most detrimental when it comes to marriage and married life. Manglik dosha delays the marriage of a person and creates instabilities and conflicts in married life. It may lead to death of the spouse too.

Remedy as advised by the Hindu Priest Prem Bhatt is that a person with Manglik Dosh should only marry the other half with Manglik Dosh too which would normalize the ill effect. This dosha or fault has different degrees. Some have strong Manglik dosha and other have mild. The milder dosha can be cured by prayers or chanting under the supervision of a Priest or an astrologer. It is not always necessary that the milder Mangliks have to get married to a Manglik only. Sometimes some other planets cancel faults of Manglik. An experienced Astrologer can give you an accurate advice about it.

Remedies recommended are:

  • Pooja, Yantras, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities as recommended by an expert astrologer.
  • Kumbh Vivah reduces the effect of Manglik Dosha in marriage as well as after wedding by a Hindu Priest.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Pitra Dosha Puja

Lord Ganesha says, “A Pitra Dosh is not a curse of ancestors or forefathers, rather it is the Karmic Debt of the person.” So, a Pitra Dosh in the horoscope means a person has certain debt or committed some mistakes or sins against parents, spiritual Guru, wife, brother or closest relative.

Moreover, Puran says that Pitra Dosh leads to restlessness and not in peace Souls of the departed ancestors and forefathers, which is due to:

  • Bad deeds and Karma of our ancestors in their earlier lives, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing their souls.
  • Bad deeds Karma of children, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing the soul of ancestors.
  • Unable to fulfill the wishes and desires of our ancestors.
  • A sudden and unnatural death of any relative ancestors in early age.
  • Fail to honour and respect the ancestral property.

Our ancestors means our family members, relatives, teachers, friends, and nears and dears. Their life, desire, deeds affect us. Good results good and bad results bad. It is believed that if we don’t offer water and food to their manes, it is a disrespect and results in Pitru Dosh.

Remedy of Pitra Dosh is Pitra Dosh Puja by a renowned Hindu Priest like Acharya Prem Bhatt. He successfully performs Pitra Dosh Puja, Shraddha Tarpan. He recommends to choose Krishna Paksha for Tarpan (offering of water) and Shraddha (offering of food). Best timing is after noon, when one can invite Brahmins for lunch. As per Manu Smriti 3/202, food should be offered in Silver plates.

However, one can avoid Chaturdashi Shraddha to avoid unwanted quarrel at home or at work. It’s a bad omen resulting death, fatal accidents. It is recommended to perform Chaturdashi’s shraddha on the very next day (Amavasya). Please note that no Shraddha is prescribed for abortive child.

Moreover, your manes will get satisfied by Pind Daan puja and Tarpan on the date of death of manes in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwini month. After that, offer food, clothes, fruits and donation to the Brahmins to pacify your manes. If someone is unaware of dates of death, then the same can be done on the day of Amavasya in yearly Shradham.

Furthermore, if you offer Kheer to your manes on the day of Somvati Amavasya then Pitra Dosha will be removed. You can also offer food and clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya to reduce negativity of Pitra Dosha. On every Amavasya, put Kheer in the ash of cow dung cake and recall your manes in the south direction and apologize for your mistakes and Karmas.

Thus you embrace blessings of your ancestors and strengthen the position of Sun. Moreover, stand on a mat, look at the Sun during Sunrise and chant Gayatri Mantra to strengthen the position of Sun in your horoscope. However, wearing ruby could increase the strength of the Sun, but it depends on the position of Sun in the horoscope.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

Shani Sade Sati

In Shani Sade Sai, the Saturn, or say Shani Maharaj represents the planet who is believed to keep a note of our Karma and give us punishments or rewards according to our respective bad or good karmas. When Saturn visits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the house, where Moon is placed in the horoscope of a person, the Sade Sati of Saturn is in effect. So Sade Sati is not always bad for everyone. It depends on the position of Saturn in your horoscope whether it is good or bad. For remedy, a Puja can be arranged under the guidance of an experienced Hindu Priest like Acharya Prem Bhatt. As per person and the effect of Saturn, the duration and the budget of the Puja can be discussed.

For details, consult the Hindu Priest & Vedic Astrologer, Acharya Prem Bhatt. Contact: 0412653458, Melbourne (Australia)

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